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Caroline Harrowby

Caroline Harrowby and her design team have extensive experience in designing every aspect of a space. Whether it’s a tricky angle with low ceilings to a large open plan room, we will maximise the use of each inch to provide the client with space to work, move freely and conduct the task in hand. Harrowby Designs is a traditional and dynamic design company, with fresh ideas that are constantly evolving to keep up to date with the times, but yet still in keeping with the companies ethos and values. We will provide a Kitchen or Bathroom that is classic and traditional, yet modern enough to enable you to function and run your space to a high standard – whether you are entertaining and need to maximise your Kitchen space or have guests to stay that require or the contemporary sanitary ware that a modern bathroom can provide. Kitchens and Bathrooms are both incredibly personal spaces and Harrowby Designs will carry out the required brief to make the clients wishes a reality. We are happy doing a modern, fully equipped London Townhouse to a rustic farmhouse in France to a large country house – clients specifications can be envisaged and put into practice. Caroline Harrowby is also happy to do individual Kitchens and Bathrooms if necessary.